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Every Federally funded welfare program must be redesigned to move recipients into productive self-sufficiency.

Our welfare system must be changed to elevate fatherhood. Fatherless males seek identity through male associations, often in destructive relationships, including gangs. Families with a father present are much less likely to be in poverty, and the children are far more likely to stay out of trouble, do well in school, and find success in life.

The current food stamp program must be replaced by a "Food Delivery" system which will provide better nutrition, combat obesity, and diabetes, major health issues among the poor in our nation. Food delivery can be tailored to specific nutritional needs for food allergens, high blood pressure, etc.

Food delivery will assist poor people, who often lack transportation, so that they can focus on improving job skills, and finding better employment.

David Scott has railed against the Food Delivery concept. He is WRONG, as usual, on this issue.

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