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Receiving an "F" rating from the NRA

NRA’s Single Fail question.

In March I completed my NRA-PFV questionnaire and submitted it figuring as a Republican candidate it would be important to have a favorable ranking from America’s foremost defender of the Second Amendment. I support the NRA and have been an off and on member for many years and a consistent member or the past several. I understand the importance of their work to hold back a Leftist media and Democrat Party whose goal is disarm the citizenry. But I don’t always agree with the NRA’s agenda or current law on every issue.

Current law allows for 18 year-olds to purchase any semi-automatic long gun and any sized magazine for the firearm. My response of limiting magazine size would apply to what I consider to be this highly impressionable and still emotionally developing age group, between 18 and 21. Our laws don’t allow the same group to purchase a six-round revolver, which is a much more appropriate self-defense weapon.

When I learned that my ranking was an “F” I first reviewed my responses to the questionnaire and then sent an e-mail to the NRA-ILA. I received a response very quickly from Arthur Thomm at NRA. The one issue that earned me an “F” rating involved question number 6, “Would you support state legislation restricting the private possession, ownership, purchase sale and/or transfer of semi-automatic firearms and/or limits on the capacity of magazines?” I responded to option “c” that I would limit magazine size to 20 rounds, intending that to mean sale and possession by long gun owners under age 21. Mr. Thomm’s response that I would “support a ban on commonly used magazines”, which was not my intent and ignored the entirety of question 6.

A restriction such as I suggested would probably not have prevented any of the mass shootings that we’ve witnessed in recent memory, it just seems to make some level of sense. In reality many of the mass killings might have been prevented if government agencies had carried out the laws that are already on the books which are designed to prevent certain people from obtaining weapons.


Democrat Debra Bazemore received a higher grade from the NRA than David Callahan yet…

Vote: Debra Bazemore voted Nay (Concurrence Vote) - HB 838 - Increases Penalties for Crimes Against Police, Firefighters ...

Vote: Debra Bazemore voted Nay (Passage) - HB 720 - Extends Use of Ankle Monitors for Sex Offenders

Vote: Debra Bazemore voted Nay (Passage With Amendment) - SB 15 - Requires Schools to Perform Certain Threat Assessments

Vote: Debra Bazemore voted Nay (Passage) - HB 280 - Authorizes Concealed Carry on College Campuses




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