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The Gun Debate

Unfortunately we have failed to demand that our government carry out it's existing charge in protecting our communities and particularly our schools. At present it is easier for a potential terrorist to walk into a school with a gun or bomb than it is for us to get into the department of motor vehicles, the food stamp office, or any other government facility. Why is the government so afraid of the governed but leaves our children at risk? Why would a teacher who is also charged with security duty at an open school campus not be armed with a semiautomatic weapon?
How is it that the FBI and other law enforcement agencies ignored or mishandled many warnings provided in past school shooting situations? These failures, along with Las Vegas, San Bernardino, Orlando, and Charleston have not been adequately investigated or explained. Again it comes down to misplaced priorities at every level of government. 
Instead of reverting back to the Assault Weapon Ban that the Democrat Party and media demand I would be open to some restrictions on purchase and handling of certain weapons. Classifying so called "assault rifles" as simply "long guns" is problematic when it comes to age restrictions for purchase. I have a concealed carry permit for a pistol which took several months to get in Georgia. A more extensive background check for so called Assault Weapons is not unreasonable. Owners of assault style weapons should also certify that they are kept in a secure safe when the owner is not at home. A pistol or a shotgun is a defensive weapon and needs to be accessible at all times of vulnerability. In exchange for such concessions I would demand Concealed Carry Reciprocity.
I oppose the insane gun buy backs that Democrats love to waste local tax dollars on. These programs encourage crimes such as breaking and entering for the purpose of obtaining firearms for quick government money.
All prescription drugs that are known to cause suicidal thoughts should also carry an explicit warning that the user should not be in possession of or have access to firearms. This alone could have prevented several of the mass shootings if parents had been aware of and heeded such warnings.

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