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David Callahan has Real Solutions for Real problems.

Incumbent David Scott has only offered Symbols and more of the same failed programs. Ranked among the least effective members of the U.S. Congress by

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

David Scott is WRONG on Taxes. The Incumbent Democrat opposed President Trump's Republican Tax Cuts.

David Callahan supports President Trump's Republican Tax Cuts


On Life

David Callahan is endorsed by Georgia Right to Life and promotes the value and sanctity of all life.

David Scott is WRONG on Life He has voted for every form of Abortion including Partial Birth Abortion, and withholding aid to live birth babies in abortion facilities. He gets a 100% endorsement from the Abortion lobby.

The Gun Debate

David Scott is WRONG on the Gun Debate

David Scott prefers to blame guns and the NRA for gun violence. Blaming the NRA for gun violence is like blaming the Auto Club for drunk drivers.

David Callahan is an NRA member and fully supports our second Amendment. How many shootings are carried out by people who are already violating the existing laws?


Build The Wall

David Scott is WRONG on the Wall! He wants to hire more Border Agents without a wall. That makes as much sense as taking the doors off of your house and asking for more police patrols in your neighborhood.

David Callahan supports building a physical barrier on our Southern Border with Mexico. This only makes sense. Border agents without a wall are in grave danger from drug dealers and human traffickers. Without a wall Illegals are granted "due process" just as a result of arrival, causing the separation of children from parents and overwhelming our courts, schools, and medical facilities. 


David Scott is WRONG on Welfare he wants to expand the failed programs which keep people in poverty.

David Callahan will sponsor legislation that will elevate the family and the role of Fathers.

Voter Identification

David Scott is WRONG on Voter ID. We must have a photo ID to board a plane, report a crime, buy cold medication or see your Obamacare Doctor. How on earth can Democrats claim that a photo ID suppresses voting. 

David Callahan will promote voter identification with photo ID and also assist the states in having clean voter roles and in fighting voter fraud. Those who claim 

Second Amendment



David Callahan Candidate (R)  B- 

 *David Scott Incumbent (D) F

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